The Real Meaning of a Guru

We no longer understand the meaning of a guru. A guru is not a spiritual celebrity. It’s not someone you worship and hope to get approval from, join their inner circle and feel like you’re among the “chosen.”

The True Guru in Practice

When you recognize that the real purpose of a guru is to see everyone as equally divine and equally worthy of all that life has to offer, everyone can be a form of guru. Every single person can remind you, in one way or another, of where you judge some people to be better than others. Judgment is the primary way in which we demean each other and fail to see another person’s divinity.

Everyone Can Be Your Guru

All of which leads to an equally important truth: Seeing everyone as your guru means taking responsibility for your own emotional reactions.

Former professor-lawyer turned channel for divine wisdom. On a short break from Medium to finish a book. Check out my other books here:

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