Thanks for asking that question. Part of spirituality entails asking that very question. Those who don't think the question merits any reflection are not on a spiritual path. For me, spirituality is about embracing the infinite possibilities for how life can express itself. To embrace that means moving beyond the mind's obsession with linearity (time) and separation (space). That might mean that you experience something other than what your rational mind typically allows itself to experience. Yoga, meditation, plant medicine, energy healing, prayer, mantra, chanting, and contemporary spiritual writings--which is what I'm referring to as the contemporary spiritual world--are all techniques to work with the mind and your perception of reality. The reason I connect so many social issues to this topic is that the purpose of spirituality, as I have defined it, is to allow for the flourishing of human life. Social issues like the ones addressed here are where human life is not allowed to flourish, hence the need for spirituality to bring awareness of its own complicity with them. Hope that helps.

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