Thank you. As for your question, I’m happy to share, although a few of my other pieces touch on this. I experienced a profound awakening many years ago — it led me to start channeling and doing intuitive readings for people. Meditation, mantra, and a lot of energy work led me there, but it was a spontaneous explosion of energy that knocked me out for about two months and completely altered my relationship to reality. I now routinely fall into a state sometimes called samadhi or satori, beyond words, pure bliss. It is a state of wholeness, not emptiness, and beyond words, despite my efforts to capture that experience with them. I feel entirely filled with light and in those moments, everything is perfect. I don’t know that you need to have that experience or even that kind of experience to know that there is silence at the center of our existence, beyond all words, and certainly all questions. Many meditation traditions talk of the same, although meditation alone did not take me there. Hope that offers something of an answer, however partial it might be.

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