It’s not about the male version of God we know all too well.

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As I sat in front of the shaman who was doing a candle reading of my energy, he said to me, “You really love Jesus.”

It’s true. I do. But not in an overt, Christian way. Although I spent many years going to Sunday mass and catechism, the Christian Jesus…

Recycling, regurgitation, and borderline plagiarism are rampant, and we need to do better.

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Fair warning — the thesis of this piece is meant to be controversial: A large portion of spiritual writing on this platform is stuck in a cycle of repeating the same ideas, and, at times, borders on (if not crosses the line into) plagiarism.

This has not been an easy…

You might be if you’re repeating these 3 ideas as absolute truth.

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Over a decade on my spiritual path, I’ve come to see a trend among spiritual seekers. I call it “spiritual gaslighting.” It’s sometimes directed at other spiritual people, but most often at those who have not embraced some of the main principles of New Age spirituality.

Gaslighting, as you likely…

#3: You’re able to forgive yourself and others.

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In 2018, I stopped practicing law and began working as a conscious channel and spiritual adviser. …

It’s a gift whose meaning is to go beyond meaning

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Some months ago, silence began to sing to me. There was something so comforting about the gaps in conversation, the spaces between words, almost like it harkened back to the time before words were no more than sounds. Like when I was an infant, and the world was pure noise.

Not having our own has turned out to be a blessing

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It was 2013, and I was at a fundraiser for Family Equality Council, an organization that supports LGBTQ+ couples raising children. A friend of a friend who was part of the planning committee invited us. My then-boyfriend/future husband and I did not plan to have kids, but we wanted to…

It’s what no one wants to admit.

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Here’s the blunt truth: You are not likely to make a lot of money on the spiritual path.

Whether you’re working as a healer, a psychic, a meditation instructor, a tarot reader, a spiritual teacher, a writer, or a coach, the chances are low that you will find your bank…

Here’s a different way to think about what it means to be you.

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For many of us, our lives are spent in search of a deeper meaning, a sense of purpose, a desire to become the most authentic version of ourselves. The spiritual path asks us to contemplate the nature of who we are from a new perspective.

That path does not deny…

Can you really manipulate time for the good of humanity?

It was 2016, and I was in Madrid, Spain, a city I loved dearly but had not visited since 2004. I was there for legal work, rather than my usual trips to the National Library for literary research. …

Patrick Paul Garlinger

Spiritual author, conscious channel, and psychic reader who interrogates conventional spiritual wisdom and illuminates our sacred connection to the divine.

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