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My Top Ten Articles

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Accept Yourself, Just as You Are, Right Now

Awakening Your Power to Bend Time


Can We Let Go of These 5 Spiritual Words in 2021?

Can We Speak the Same Spiritual Language?

Coming Out of the Psychic Closet

Consciousness Without Identity — Path to Enlightenment or Expression of Privilege?


The Depths the Light Cannot Reach

#3: You’re able to forgive yourself and others.

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In 2018, I stopped practicing law and began working as a conscious channel and spiritual adviser. In that time, I’ve met so many wonderful people, and thanks to their connection, I have come to appreciate the signs that you are doing the hard work of healing your sense of separation from the world and reconnecting with the Divine.

What follows are the nine areas I most often see where spiritual seekers have engaged in soul-level healing. These have been part of my healing journey as well. I share them not to suggest that you’re somehow failing if you struggle with…

It’s not about the male version of God we know all too well.

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As I sat in front of the shaman who was doing a candle reading of my energy, he said to me, “You really love Jesus.”

It’s true. I do. But not in an overt, Christian way. Although I spent many years going to Sunday mass and catechism, the Christian Jesus, hanging on the crucifix, was never a source of inspiration to me. In fact, when my parents stopped taking me to church as a kid, I never balked or pined to return.

But somehow the image of Jesus remained very potent for me. At a meditation retreat in Massachusetts some…

Here’s a different way to think about what it means to be you.

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For many of us, our lives are spent in search of a deeper meaning, a sense of purpose, a desire to become the most authentic version of ourselves. The spiritual path asks us to contemplate the nature of who we are from a new perspective.

That path does not deny that we have a biography, stories of pain and trauma, or labels that define our identity, profession, or family roles. …

Can you really manipulate time for the good of humanity?

It was 2016, and I was in Madrid, Spain, a city I loved dearly but had not visited since 2004. I was there for legal work, rather than my usual trips to the National Library for literary research. I had let go of my academic post and become a lawyer, and I found myself staring at a city that seemed so familiar and so different all at the same time.

Even though I was still practicing as an attorney at this point, I had finished downloading my first channeled book, Seeds of Light, about the nature of the Christ Consciousness…

Writing articles instead of a book was exactly what I needed

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Nearly three years ago, after an incredible healing journey to Kauai and a powerful ayahuasca trip to Peru, I tried to write a book on spirituality.

The problem was that I couldn’t quite find the voice for it. I didn’t want it to sound didactic or instructional. I had already published a guide to spiritual transformation and three channeled works, so publishing book-length works was familiar territory. But I wanted this one to be different.

As I wasn’t sure how to write that book, I set it aside. A friend of mine suggested that I write shorter pieces. That turned…

Once revolutionary, it now wields the power to decide who’s in and who’s out.

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I admit that it might border on blasphemy to ask this question during Pride Month. Drag Race has been a mainstay of queer culture for over a decade.

I remember fondly its debut. At the time RuPaul was most famous for the hit single, “Supermodel of the World,” a song that foreshadowed Ru’s penchant for creating taglines and crafting entire songs around them — shantay, you stay, … now sashay away.

The first season was a testament to Ru’s ability to create something that had never been done before: a mainstream TV show with drag as its centerpiece.

Recycling, regurgitation, and borderline plagiarism are rampant, and we need to do better.

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Fair warning — the thesis of this piece is meant to be controversial: A large portion of spiritual writing on this platform is stuck in a cycle of repeating the same ideas, and, at times, borders on (if not crosses the line into) plagiarism.

This has not been an easy article to write, but after nearly 3 years of publishing on Medium, I felt it needed to be said. …

There are infinite paths laid out for your life, and all are valid.

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There have been many times in my life when I felt that I had failed. A particular project didn’t pan out, a workshop didn’t get decent enrollment, or an article didn’t get much of a response. Opportunities came, and I missed them. I didn’t get the job or win the match or follow the recipe correctly. Those kinds of misfires happen, and they might be disappointing, but they don’t produce any long-lasting despair.

But there’s a deeper feeling of failure — the sort of tragic, soul-level anguish that says that I will never become the person I was meant to…

I had to learn to handle relationships differently from what my family taught me.

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The Rupture

The end of the relationship began with a text. “Could you please call me?” It was one of many I sent to my sister that went unanswered. The call finally came, some 6 months later.

The unraveling of our connection began with a visit to her home, to celebrate the New Year. It had been an emotionally draining trip. I had been going through a rough patch, which made putting on a happy face for her family hard to do. …

Patrick Paul

Former Spanish lit prof & lawyer, now author & channel for spiritual wisdom. **** Books: https://amzn.to/2K9AG8b. Website: https://www.patrickpaulgarlinger.com.

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