We’re experiencing one of the most powerful shifts in spirituality ever.

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Our Evolution In Consciousness

We’re experiencing a powerful moment in the history of religion and spirituality, which represents a profound shift in consciousness: the recuperation of the Divine Mother.

The spread of spiritual practices beyond the confines of organized religion; the proliferation of meditation, yoga, and contemporary spiritual practices like gratitude and forgiveness; the embrace of new concepts like energy, frequency, the power of thoughts, and the importance of working through emotions; and the elimination of stigma around higher states of consciousness and spiritual faculties like energy healing and channeling are all a product of this shift.

The Divine Mother, or the Divine Feminine, is a fundamental principle that has long been suppressed and subordinated by a toxic masculinity — the Patriarchy. Historically, this has resulted in organized religions subordinating women and female religious figures to male ones. …

Accepting an unknown future is one of the greatest powers you can develop.

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The Question: Will I Be Safe?

I’ve often wondered if I could truly know my future in all its rich detail, as if handed a biography and I could read through all the chapters to see where life would take me, would I really want to know?

The answer is no, I wouldn’t. But we all carry within us this voice — sometimes small, other times quite vocal — that wants to be certain that we’ll be taken care of, we’ll be safe, and we’ll have our material needs met. …

We must meet the world’s hatred with love, but what does that look like?

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It’s something of a platitude, especially in spiritual circles, to say that “love is the answer.” It’s as if all of the questions we might have about the world we live in could simply be answered by that single word.

Indeed, there is so much power in that word that it’s not hard to see why for every conflict or conundrum we face, we might utter, as if an incantation or magic spell, love is the answer.

Even though I’ve often joined the chorus of voices extolling love, I’ve never found that phrase entirely satisfactory. Why? you ask. Do you question love’s power? No, I don’t. …

Can you hold two mutually exclusive principles as true at the same time?

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The bliss that comes from the self as it dissolves into God is immeasurable and indescribable. I mean that literally: If I am at all talking about the bliss that comes from samadhi or satori then I am now speaking from an ego rooted in time and space.

I’ve had numerous experiences of ego dissolution, many blissful and a few frightening ones.

  • I remember riding a train after a weekend of intense spiritual training with my teacher, and as I was starting out the window at the landscape, I became the landscape. I was the train, the window, and the flowers passing me by. I experienced complete union in that brief moment, just a few seconds, and then returned to my mind, which said, That was amazing! The feeling of peace, that everything was perfect just as it is, was emblazoned in me. …

They are all related to time.

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Sometimes we overcomplicate the spiritual path. Step into any New Age bookstore and you can find volume after volume of spiritual guidance from countless works on how to meditate to tomes of esoteric wisdom about dimensions, energy, and crystalline grids. In between, you can immerse yourself in reiki, tarot, angels, mudras, forgiveness, animal spirits, mantras, crystals, and palo santo.

Don’t get me wrong: It can be incredibly fun to partake of the immense array of spiritual practices, languages, and theories out there. You should explore and find what speaks to you. It’s valuable to experiment so that you can discover something new that you might have otherwise disregarded. …

When these happen, you are opening to a deeper undercurrent to life.

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You’ve heard the word “awakening” many times, and you may be wondering, Am I experiencing one? Is this a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakenings come in many forms. Some are subtle, like the gentle rising as the light grows in intensity outside, chasing away the darkness. Others are dramatic, like a thunderclap, jolting you out of a deep slumber. (I’ve experienced both.)

These are the ways that your soul is trying to pry open your mind so that you can shed certain ways of seeing the world and expand your consciousness. The universe conspires to bring you experiences so that you start to see reality differently. …

Sometimes we need to let ourselves question the universe.

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If there’s a single feeling that seems most likely to undermine my willingness to put myself out there, to write about life on the spiritual path, it’s Doubt.

Unlike Fear, a dear old friend who knows how to grab me tightly by the throat, Doubt is like an aloof, passive-aggressive coworker making bitchy remarks at the watercooler.

Doubt looks me up and down, like one of my fellow sassy gay guys or the high school girls I taught years ago, dressing me down with eyes that say, Did you really mean to wear that outfit? …

It is not the absence of conflict but the absence of a question.

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When I sit in nature, a familiar feeling washes over me. That feeling is peace. I know that many others feel this too. At first blush, you might think that nature provides us this relief because we experience a respite from the chaos and frenetic energy of electronic life, social media, and interpersonal conflict.

But nature is not always “peaceful” either in the sense of being calm or slow. Trees can sway perilously in the wind. The rain can hammer the earth. Nature can be violent. Does that mean it is also not peaceful? …

There’s a better way to rely on someone with intuitive gifts

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Years ago, at a time when I was highly anxious about the future, I started to rely heavily on the advice of some very powerful psychics. I am relieved to say I was never suckered by some $5 sidewalk huckster claiming to remove a curse that would ruin my future. In fact, I enjoyed some highly accurate and powerful readings from several people, and two of them were exceptional in their gifts.

They would, on occasion, offer some predictions about my future, and while I found them intriguing and sometimes reassuring, they were much more helpful in helping me to see certain emotional patterns, to get to the core of certain traumatic events, and identify blind spots in my ways of thinking. …

To heal, we must see our wounds differently.

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Each of us carries around cloistered rooms packed tight with the remains of the past.

Every so often, a door opens . . . ever so slightly, and we get a glimpse inside at the detritus of our psychic lives.

All too often our reaction is to slam the door shut, and further buttress it, another lock, another chain.

Sometimes we are successful, so successful that we even forget what lurks deep in the recesses of our mind.

So dark are those rooms that we fear what we might find rather than facing their contents.

Many of us truly believe that deep down, whatever darkness is there is so thick that no light, no matter how bright, could ever chase away the shadows. …


Patrick Paul Garlinger

Former professor and lawyer turned channel for divine wisdom. Follow me on IG and FB (@divineppg). You can check out my books here: https://amzn.to/2K9AG8b.

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