When these happen, you are opening to a deeper undercurrent to life.

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You’ve heard the word “awakening” many times, and you may be wondering, Am I experiencing one? Is this a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakenings come in many forms. Some are subtle, like the gentle rising as the light grows in intensity outside, chasing away the darkness. Others are dramatic, like a thunderclap, jolting you out of a deep slumber. (I’ve experienced both.)

These are the ways that your soul is trying to pry open your mind so that you can shed certain ways of seeing the world and expand your consciousness. The universe conspires to bring you experiences so that you start to see reality differently. …

It’s not what most people think it is

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In response to a recent article of mine on the shadow in the spiritual world, someone responded with the simple question: “What does spirituality mean? Does it mean you believe in spirits?”

Well, for some that might be true, but somehow that doesn’t seem like a satisfactory answer to this person’s question. More importantly, I’m not sure he was looking for an answer so much as venting some frustration.

There’s something about the word spirituality that causes many people to cringe when they hear it. I have encountered a lot of resistance when I tell people that I write books about spirituality. The word raises people’s hackles right away. I get it. It used to do the same to me. …

The more you integrate them, the deeper your connection to God.

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No list of spiritual principles can, on its own, help you to feel a deeper connection to God. But without spiritual principles, life on the spiritual path can feel like a journey where you’re stumbling around without even so much as a compass, much less a map or a guidebook.

Each of us must make the journey to the divine inside on our own. These are not, then, a fixed set of practices for connecting with your higher self or a higher power. Nor do they provide a normative template for how to behave.

Bereft of prohibition or command, they are instead a lens through which to view our world. Use them as a touchstone or anchor to return to when the riptides of life toss you about and, in so doing, invite you to return to older ways of handling conflict and pain. …

My body and Mother Nature said it was time for balance.

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For a long stretch of time, when people asked me about my diet, I said that I was vegan. It was shorthand so that I could avoid a lengthy explanation of my views on food, animal welfare, labeling, etc.

It was more accurate to say that I was vegan-ish. I went so far as to eliminate all animal products except eggs, which I would eat fairly regularly, although for stretches of time I would eat a completely vegan diet. The only eggs I ate, though, were eggs labeled Animal Welfare Approved or Certified Humane; your average cage-free egg was off-limits.

Maybe now you’re getting why I just used the shorthand “vegan” instead of trying to explain why I didn’t want egg in my Pad See Ew from my local Thai place or scrambled eggs from my local diner. …

The answer might make you uncomfortable, and that’s the point.

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What if I told you that there was a single quality that would improve your life immensely?

What if I told you that the quality was learnable?

What if I told you that this quality applied to almost every facet of your life?

Before I go further, here are two episodes that demonstrate the power of this quality:

It was 1992, and I sat in my Women’s Studies class at Washington University many years ago, in a small group exercise. We were discussing a text that talked about feminism and lesbianism. One member of our 4-person group said to the rest of us, “No one here is gay, right?” I blanched, having just days prior realized that I was gay. …

Some advice on life that I wish I could have given you.

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It is with melancholy that I write these words, which you will never read. For some reason I have yet to discover, I woke up one day and felt your presence near me, asking for me to write.

Nor exactly do I know why. For years I wondered if you might be possible, only to decide that it was not meant to be. Why, only now, when I was at peace with this decision, have you decided to return to my thoughts? …

It was harder than coming out as gay.

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Nearly every day for the past few months, sometimes just for a brief moment, I have thought about putting down my spiritual writing, deleting my social media accounts, canceling my workshops, and going back to practicing law full-time.

Sure, I could blame quarantine, the lack of social connection, the drudgery of the election and the erosion of our democracy, or the never-ending claims of fraud.

In reality, I’ve been spending this time facing myself and the hard truth that despite all of my inner work, the countless levels of healing I’ve experienced, and the wondrous expansion of consciousness that I’ve been graced with, I still had to accept who I now am: a psychic channel. …

We want our lives to be different, but we also fear change. What’s the way forward?

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Years ago, as I sat in my very first class of Contracts at NYU Law School, surrounded by 100 first-year law students, panic suddenly washed over me. I had never felt such intense fear before, but it blazed through me, scorching my entire body. Sweat oozed from my pores, and my breathing quickened. It lasted maybe 5 minutes and was done.

The panic happened at the precise moment that I realized there was no turning back. Just a few weeks prior, I had left my tenure-track job at Northwestern University, packed up my belongings, and left Chicago to go to law school in New York City. …

We must learn to repair with the very tool that caused their pain.

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Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where I never hurt another person. A noble pursuit — avoiding ever leaving a mark or a scar on a fellow human being — it remains, for me, an elusive goal.

Time and again, I have talked gingerly and compassionately, speaking with great care and sensitivity for another’s feelings, until a momentary lapse in concentration issues forth a spark or a hot coal, an ember emerging from my mouth, to singe my listener.

How many tiny daggers lie hiding in my throat, ready to be coughed up if I am not vigilant? …

We’re experiencing one of the most powerful shifts in spirituality ever.

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Our Evolution In Consciousness

We’re experiencing a powerful moment in the history of religion and spirituality, which represents a profound shift in consciousness: the recuperation of the Divine Mother.

The spread of spiritual practices beyond the confines of organized religion; the proliferation of meditation, yoga, and contemporary spiritual practices like gratitude and forgiveness; the embrace of new concepts like energy, frequency, the power of thoughts, and the importance of working through emotions; and the elimination of stigma around higher states of consciousness and spiritual faculties like energy healing and channeling are all a product of this shift.

The Divine Mother, or the Divine Feminine, is a fundamental principle that has long been suppressed and subordinated by a toxic masculinity — the Patriarchy. Historically, this has resulted in organized religions subordinating women and female religious figures to male ones. …


Patrick Paul Garlinger

Professor and lawyer turned channel for divine wisdom. Follow me on IG (intuitivepatrick) and FB (@divineppg). Check out my books here: https://amzn.to/2K9AG8b.

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