They are easily co-opted by the ego

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A call to abandon words? Perhaps I’m being melodramatic. But 5 words have become so commonplace in spiritual writing that I think we ought to pause and look at them with a discerning eye.

Why? They can unwittingly lead their speakers to reinforce their negative egos. Used without care, they operate like trojan horses, carrying within them the seeds of judgment and separation that spirituality is meant to heal.

I don’t mean to cast aspersions at writers who use them; I’ve used some of them myself. Consider this article a call for us all to be a bit more rigorous…

Why didn’t I sign up to be a celebrity or supermodel this time around?

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A dear friend and fellow spiritual writer and I were joking about the contracts that our souls signed for our respective lifetimes. We both have been deeply enmeshed at times in the material world — she in business, me in law — and yet have felt the call of the soul to pursue a different path.

“Can I just be honest? Why didn’t my soul just sign up to be a celebrity or a supermodel this time around?”, I asked, expressing a little ennui at the demands of spirit in my current lifetime. My friend laughed, commiserating.

I went on…

I was never taught to mourn the end of my early relationships.

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The moment my eyes alighted on W’s picture from my middle school yearbook, my heart quickened.

In the 8th grade, I had an enormous crush on a 7th-grade boy. The problem was I didn’t know it was a crush. No one explained to me that boys could have crushes on boys. It was 1985, the year Ronald Reagan mentioned AIDS for the first time, and almost a decade before Fox on what would have been the first gay kiss on prime-time television in the season finale of Melrose Place.

I didn’t understand the depth of my affection.

All that…

When we talk spiritually about vaccines, we need to be rigorous and discerning.

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Like so many unpleasant encounters today, this one began on Facebook. I got a message from someone I had met once at a spiritual retreat. We had a pleasant time together, connected on social media, and then never crossed paths again. Out of the blue, she showed up via Messenger with a screenshot of a post (see below) warning me that taking a Covid-19 vaccine would somehow block my divine connection to spirit and eliminate my chakras.

Here are 7 steps to consider as you embark on your spiritual path.

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If you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening, you’ve come to see that you are much more than what your senses tell you about you and the world. Whether through meditation, energy healing, plant medicine, or some other modality, you’ve realized that you have a more profound connection with life than we are led to believe in our everyday lives.

Now, as you embark on this journey with newfound fervor, you may be wondering where to go from here. After all, this is not the well-worn path of religion, with its clear dictates and sources of authority. What’s next?

I offer some…

Recycling, regurgitation, and borderline plagiarism are rampant, and we need to do better.

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Fair warning — the thesis of this piece is meant to be controversial: A large portion of spiritual writing on this platform is stuck in a cycle of repeating the same ideas, and, at times, borders on (if not crosses the line into) plagiarism.

This has not been an easy article to write, but after nearly 3 years of publishing on Medium, I felt it needed to be said. …

There are infinite paths laid out for your life, and all are valid.

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There have been many times in my life when I felt that I had failed. A particular project didn’t pan out, a workshop didn’t get decent enrollment, or an article didn’t get much of a response. Opportunities came, and I missed them. I didn’t get the job or win the match or follow the recipe correctly. Those kinds of misfires happen, and they might be disappointing, but they don’t produce any long-lasting despair.

But there’s a deeper feeling of failure — the sort of tragic, soul-level anguish that says that I will never become the person I was meant to…

I had to learn to handle relationships differently from what my family taught me.

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The Rupture

The end of the relationship began with a text. “Could you please call me?” It was one of many I sent to my sister that went unanswered. The call finally came, some 6 months later.

The unraveling of our connection began with a visit to her home, to celebrate the New Year. It had been an emotionally draining trip. I had been going through a rough patch, which made putting on a happy face for her family hard to do. …

Use this one-word mantra to let the future unfold without your control.

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My 2021 announced itself with a bang: issues with health insurance paperwork, an oven that went kaput overnight, and conflicts between neighbors (at the time I was on my co-op’s board of directors). Doctor’s appointments and bills were thrown into disarray, the prospect of buying a new oven sent me scurrying through listings at Home Depot, and the conflicts inspired many heated hours of discussion. It’s as if 2020 had stayed on to say, You thought we were done with our lessons for you?

A wise response would have been to accept these predicaments. But as I soon realized, another…

Unexpected ways of making money have shown up just when I needed them

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I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, there were times that my family struggled mightily with money. We moved a lot, from apartment to apartment, with an occasional house rental in between. We never stayed in the same place longer than a couple of years.

But over the years, the universe showed me that it was taking care of me. The big opportunities — major career successes, spiritual awakenings, and finding the love of my life — easily stand out. …

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